About us

Meet the Toss It Up Inc. Team

Javonne Sanders, founder of Toss It Up, realized in 2016, that there was a huge epidemic in her community that was primarily effecting people of color.

These community members were surrounded with fast and processed foods that can cause high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, and other health issues. Food insecurity is a massive problem that Javonne was determined to address.

Javonne started with just a taste for a salad; now she has teamed up with Chief Operations Officer Matthew N. Crawford. Together, they have taken Toss It Up to new heights, going from 5 salads, to 9 offerings, and a line of Fruit Infused Iced Teas.

Toss It Up’s goal is to provide fresh organic produce, clean quality eating, and to offer a wonderful experience at a reasonable cost. Toss It Up’s philosophy is to encourage the community as a whole to modify their eating choices. Over-saturation of fast food is a problem, and we want to be a leader of the solution.

“Let’s Open Up Your Palates with Salads”
by offering high quality, affordable salads and fruit drinks to make healthy eating easier and more fun than ever.

Toss It Up’s goal is to create awareness through campaigns to inform the public on the dangers associated with the consumption of fast foods and low quality produce.
We work closely with many community leaders to not just spread awareness on what we’re doing, but also to improve the strength of our community and to re-imagine a better South LA.
Join Javonne and Matthew, the Salad Dynamic Duo, as they envision a better South LA. Let us make South LA Healthy Again!
Fresh, Organic Produce
Clean, Quality Eating
Wonderful Experience at a Reasonable Cost

Choose healthy. Order your salad today.